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Quinton Neighbourhood Plan

If you live in the Quinton parish part of Meon Vale (off Chatham Road) this is your opportunity to shape where you live and ensure that any future development is in the interests of the local community.

The Quinton Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to Stratford District Council. You can view the Plan at or (over a coffee) at The Pavilion Community Coffee Shop in Meon Vale during normal opening hours.

You can make comments on the Plan up to 5pm on Friday 11 March 2022. You can use the online form or by attaching the form to an email and sending it to .

This Plan applies to the Quinton parish part of Meon Vale off Chatham Road. It includes a Policy NE1 to designate the open spaces in the area as Local Green Spaces. This will help to safeguard on these areas.

On behalf of the Residents Association, Rosemary has submitted comments supporting the designation of the open spaces, the promotion of biodiversity and a policy on flood prevention.

If you need any help accessing or submitting your comments please don't hesitate to email to MVRA

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