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How to Contact Shipston Police Neighbourhood Team.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

On 21st February the RA held its quarterly public meeting at The Pavilion. Sid Hammond, our local officer from Shipston Police Safer Neighbourhood Team, provided an update on crime figures: the figures represent very low statistics, compared to Stratford and other parts of UK. We had the chance to ask questions and discuss things that were important to residents.

Sid informed us that any incidents requiring police attention can be reported as follows:

  • dialing 101 is always an option this will be recorded and tagged to the local team at Shipston who will pick it up;

  • alternatively, email details and even a photo or recording of the problem can be sent to;

  • or, for more urgent attention call Sid's mobile on 07967 303185;

  • In an emergency, always use 999.

Daily alerts for Warwickshire Police can be obtained by signing up to

Our next Big Event is the Community Safety Day on Saturday 26th March with lots of useful information and fun for families. Look out for further details on this website and FB shortly.

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