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Children's Nursery at Airfield Site

There is a proposal for a children's nursery at the Airfield site. The developers are proposing that the nursery (and employment hub) should not be provided until 399 houses have been built there, planning ref 20/00606/REM on the Eplanning portal.

I think that the nursery should be built as soon as possible and not delayed until the end of this phase of the development.

I am trying to understand what the supply of nursery places is like in the villages around here. I have heard from parents at Meon Vale that the nurseries in the villages about here operate a waiting list for places and that it is becoming harder to find a place.

If you have contacted nurseries recently, it would be good to hear from you about your experience. Have you had trouble finding a place for your child locally? How long have you had to wait for a place to come available? How far are parents having to travel to find a place?

You can contact me here at

There is also a convenience store and community halls to be provided before occupation of the 300th house.

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