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Meon Vale Management

Meon Vale is covered by 3 parish councils, 2 district councils and 2 county councils!

As well as 4 separate developers Meon Vale is looked after by 3 management companies!


The Residents' Association was set up to be the Voice of Meon Vale to represent the views of residents to these organisations.

We have provided a guide to who to contact about site issues below. If you're still struggling to know who best to contact feel free to reach out and we will try our best to help.

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Site Management Companies


01778 382210

Preim is the current management company that covers the majority of Meon Vale including the woods and open spaces (we all pay a yearly fee to Preim apart from 'Meon Way Gardens').


0333 321 4080

FirstPort is a separate management company that also covers the Persimmon 'Cotswold Vale' section of the development (Cotswold Vale residents pay an additional yearly fee to FirstPort on top of their Preim payment).

'Meon Way Gardens' is managed separately and will only pay a fee to their management company. Details of this are currently unknown.

Housing Associations

There are several housing associations within Meon Vale. If you have a tenancy with them they are responsible for managing your property and any land belonging to them.


0800 678 1221


0333 200 7304


0300 790 6555


020 8168 0500

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Photo credit: Laura Murphy

Photo credit: Adam Trainor


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Got a problem?

For site issues in the first instance please contact Preim Management Company:

St Modwen customer services:


Persimmon customer services:

  • 01527 851 200

  • Out of Hours Emergencies: 03330 156620


Redrow customer services:


If your issue has not been resolved through the above channels, or for anything else please contact the RA committee and we'll do our best to help:

Laura Murphy (2).jpg

Photo credit: Laura Murphy

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